Feng Shui in 12 Easy Steps

Are you stressed or suffering pain in an area of life, physically, mentally or emotionally?

Would you like to improve your health, enjoy greater success, increased wealth and better relationships?

Consider learning how to Feng Shui your environment in simple steps to positively impact your life experiences and those with whom you live.

If you are stuck, frustrated, you haven’t yet experienced the levels of success you desire, you know that there’s more to life and you want it then read on…

Imagine becoming an attraction magnet so you and your family can enjoy greater security, increased wellbeing and a better life. If that’s appealing then the video program ‘How to Feng Shui in 12 Simple Steps’ is for you.

It starts immediately, delivered to a computer near you.

“Within 6 weeks of the Feng Shui consultation, Feng Shui worked for me in more ways than I had imagined. I was living in another city and loving it.” ~Rosanna Cassin

“Within the first 4 weeks the changes were exceptional. I had been offered two jobs and accepted into a volunteer program at Australia Zoo. I could not recommend you highly enough to anyone who is in dire need of change, advice or direction. You are a remarkable woman with a remarkable skill in being able to affect someone’s life so effectively and positively.” ~Tara Dodson

If you were to enroll in our six day full time Feng Shui practitioner training program, you would pay $5,500. Our 12 steps program how to Feng Shui in 12 easy steps is a tenth of that, just $550.

This program includes 12 live webinars, and a workbook to accompany each module.

It’s also limited to 100 people as that’s all the lines we have available.

By registering today you’ll have access to the replays for 30 days and I’ll include 12 Guest Modules including Linda McMahon the Time Management Chick and Louise D’Allura the Revamp Professional Organizer.

Instead of paying $550, my special price to you is: $289

By booking today I’ll also include:

3 Bonus Sessions:

Applying the Bagua to to your Home, The Five Elements and The Elemental Cycles

Plus if you book and pay before 30th January you'll only pay $89!

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