Mini Miracles Session

Remote Feng Shui Consultations for your home, office or business by phone or skype

It's the little things that you can do to improve what's going on. In Feng Shui, colours in the right places is important, having the furniture facing the right way and rearranging what's in the cupboards and the treasures on display are the simple things you can do to put your life on track.

How would it be if your life was easier? Your day flowed with ease, your environment was cleaner, everything had a place and you felt organised? How would you see your bedroom, what sounds and smells would eminate from your kitchen, what would you feel like?

Would you like to wake up tomorrow happy, excited and looking forward to what the day brings?

Imagine what it will be like when you have a life makeover and experience Feng Shui mini~miracles in your own life.

You have goals you are excited about and are actually achieving them. You look forward to each day, have some great friends in your life and yes there's also that special person, your significant other and you are both totally head over heels in love. Every day you awake full of energy and there's even spending money in your account. Woo Hoo!

It is possible. Just read what Tara Dodson had to say.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much I appreciate all the advice and help you have given me with regards to the Feng Shui principles that you advised pertaining to my career.

Being a recent graduate of the University of Southern Queensland, finding employment in my chosen industry (animals) was extremely difficult and discouraging. Even finding employment in any field was not successful. My self-esteem, confidence and motivation hit rock bottom.

"Within the first 4 weeks, the changes were exceptional."

However, upon speaking with you at my consultation, I decided to implement all of your suggestions and ideas in order to help my career and life in general. And, within the first 4 weeks, the changes were exceptional.

I have been offered two jobs within my chosen field, with my reputation at both of these places being absolutely astounding. I have also been accepted into a volunteer program at Australia Zoo, which is not only widely sought after, but is also extremely difficult to get into. Permanent employment at the zoo has always been desired, and now it has become a real possibility. The Feng Shui ideas that I employed have also impacted exceptionally on financial aspects, and in my personal relationships.

I could not recommend you highly enough to anyone who is dire need of change, advice or direction. You are a remarkable woman with a remarkable skill in being able to affect someone's life so effectively and positively.

Thank you again for all of your expertise, encouragement and support.

Kindest Regards
Tara Dodson

Mini~Miracles are available anywhere in the world by Skype. Use the contact form to get started. Remember to advise if you live in a house, unit or are on acreage, and what state or country you live in. We'll be in touch by phone or email to confirm the details and to book the day and time.

Get started now and soon you too can experience your own mini~miracles in life.

Next make sure you have a floor-plan of your home with North clearly marked. You can draw it up yourself or we may be able to suggest a professional to help you. You'll need to post, fax or email it to Debra in advance of your mini~miracles session.

On the day be ready with pen and paper to take notes and write up a list of ideas. It's simple and fun! :-)

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