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"We have had a business relationship with Debra Jarvis, Feng Shui Miracles for almost 3 years now and in that time, Debra has worked with many of our corporate clients to provide interesting and informative education sessions to their staff.

She takes the complexity of the subject and makes the principles of Feng Shui to be both easy-to-understand and practical. Feedback from clients has been nothing short of terrific and we value Debra's services as an integral part of our corporate services offering.

Well done Debra and we look forward to working with you more in the future!"

Warm regards,
Alex Holloway
Corporate Relations - Firefly Group Pty Ltd

Debra Yuille, Feng Shui for the real world and author of the publication “ABC of Feng Shui” is an accomplished professional speaker who educates and inspires her audiences.

Based on the beautiful Gold Coast in South East Corner of Queensland, Debra is recognised for her quality Keynotes and Trainings. She is an established Author, Feng Shui Consultant and Presenter of Professional Development Seminars utilizing Feng Shui principles. Debra describes in her book "ABC of Feng Shui" the basics, how to improve your life experiences by the practical implementation of principally common sense principles in your built environments, that westerners tend to overlook as too simplistic.

Real world ABC Feng Shui specializes in harnessing the power of Feng Shui for Australian conditions, enhancing your existing environment. Whoever and whatever your situation, we believe that there are always actions you can begin to implement now to create change in your life to move you in the direction of your desires, dreams and goals.

When we look at the arrangement of our belongings through Feng Shui eyes we see how their placement corresponds to holding life patterns in place such as crappy relationships, lack of money and health challenges. By repositioning the articles in our homes and workplaces in accordance with Feng Shui principles we change our experience of life.

Internationally Debra is recognised as Australia’s leading Essential Feng Shui Practitioner. She is a strong advocate of the practical application of Feng Shui to Australian conditions while honouring the essence of its Eastern heritage.

Professional development programs vary from one hour to ten days. Presentations include concepts of Feng Shui, Environment (location, layout, décor, toxins) and Belief Systems. Debra’s work is practical and effective. She refers to Feng Shui as Earth Wisdom and explains the concepts in plain English.

Comments from clients include:

“The showcase proved to be a positive experience for clients, suppliers and Eventcorp and would not have been as effective without your input.”
– Sonia Beecher, State Manager, QLD

“Debra delivers her presentations with intrigue and passion. She captivates her audience, presenting her listeners with a toolbox of knowledge, yet leaving them with a very practical approach to Feng Shui. Debra gives her listeners a clear understanding of the beginnings of Feng Shui and how to adapt the knowledge to their own situations.”
–Michelle North, Life Improvement Seminars

Debra is Brisbane’s presenter of choice when it comes to work/life balance programs and lifestyle presentations. She has delivered wellness programs to a diverse range of corporate clients including Carter Newell, Mayne, Telstra, Family Services, and Women’s Health. Debra is an associate of “Health at Work”, an independent provider of workplace wellness programs. Feng Shui is critical to the Construction and Real Estate Industries and Debra has impacted these industries delivering keynotes and seminars to staff and clients of Harcourts, Ray White, Remax, QALI, NIPA and Queensland Master Builders Association.

Debra conducted Feng Shui sessions (introductory and day workshops) for the Relaxation Centre when it was in Brooks Street, Brisbane. She presented a six month series of programs on behalf of the Brisbane City Council Lifelong Learning program in 2005 and was appointed Feng Shui Lecturer, (Form and Compass) at the Australian College of Natural Medicine, Brisbane Campus in July 2005.

Debra’s professional qualifications include graduating from the prestigious Western School of Feng Shui in San Diego and she is one of a select few practitioners from around the world to complete the Advanced Practitioner Training.

Contact Debra to find out about her availability to present at your next event, conference or function or arrange to have Debra Yuille as a Keynote Speaker or Facilitator at your event anywhere in the world.
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