A Little About Me...

Originally I discovered the power of Feng Shui quite by accident. I had been studying the art of success by immersing myself in books about that topic, attending seminars and conferences. 

During that process I noticed that the ancient Feng Shui traditions of Asia often played a key role in many of the success stories I was learning about.

I felt so strongly that I had stumbled over some powerful success secret that I spent my life savings on tripping off to the San Diego Western School of Feng Shui to study, and then to master the subtle arts of Feng Shui. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

For almost 20 years now I’ve been a certified Essential Feng Shui practitioner. After seeing the way life changes for my clients once we apply Feng Shui principles to their homes and business premises. Change can and does often happen very quickly and I’ve been in the very fortunate position of seeing this time and again in the lives of my clients.

My book ABC of Feng Shui is written with simplicity in mind. I wanted to share that these principles can be applied to living and working spaces immediately in ways that make sense to ordinary lifestyles, taking into account individual style and taste.

I believe this ancient system is even more relevant today than ever before, are you ready to experience the miracles that Feng Shui can create in your life?

What Clients Say...

“What started off as a working relationship turned very quickly into a
very comfortable
and loyal friendship. I believe all Debra’s clients would say the same. She is very professional and extremely talented, but has such a lovely rapport that her visits are pleasurable experiences and the results remarkable (even though I still don’t understand the science of Feng Shui). We hired Debra on numerous occasions for different challenges we were experiencing and she has never failed to turn things around for us. l fully recommend Debra Jarvis Feng Shui to all.”

~Kerre Burley

“Debra truly is dynamic and energetic in everything she does. What we might term a “go-getter”. She is a confident and enthusiastic speaker with a wealth of knowledge in her fields of expertise. I have no hesitation in recommending her to you.”
~Gary Haseldine

“I have come to know Debra through her involvement with Ideas into Business. She is an exceptional facilitator who exudes a genuine passion for assisting business owners and managers to succeed in their businesses. Debra also provided one on one sales training with me and again I was impressed with her knowledge and ability to tailor the session to my needs. Keep up the good work Debra”
~Jeannette Cuthbert

“I have hired Debra both for a personal Feng Shui consultation for my property as well as as a speaker for a session to help motivate my employees. Her Feng Shui consultation was superb – detailed, thorough, exceptional knowledge and understanding of Australian needs and conditions (not a Gold toad in sight). The results from the changes recommended were outstanding. Debra is also a highly engaging and interesting speaker. Her Office Feng Shui session was one of the best attended sessions by my employees and had extremely high satisfaction ratings from the post session assessments. I happily recommend Debra either as a Feng Shui consultant for a one on one session as well as a keynote speaker for large groups.”
~Ingrid Cliff.

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