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Is there something missing in your life? Would you like to enjoy better relationships or have greater balance, harmony and prosperity? Maybe you have considered changing careers.

If so, this may be for you…

Imagine living a more enjoyable life. How would it feel being happier and healthier, having improved finances and relationships?

Imagine harnessing the power of the unseen to improve your own health, and wellness, your relationships and finances and being able to do the same for others. If this sounds interesting and exciting, then you will really enjoy these simple and effective Feng Shui classes.

Why Feng Shui?

Your physical environment is a reflection of you. The combination of the messages you receive both consciously and subconsciously determines your experiences as you interact with the world around you. When your physical environment aligns with who you choose to be and become then you are totally in sync and everything works for you. Life is easy and stress-free; relationships improve, your goals become reality.

This is what you learn in our classes. The study of Feng Shui is, in effect, coaching for your mind, body and the environments in which you live and work, and is an essential ingredient to success and achievement.

Feng Shui continues to improve the lives of people worldwide, including many Australians and New Zealanders. In the US, UK and Europe, many homes and offices are built according to Feng Shui principles and Australians are embracing this trend. These Feng Shui classes enable you to learn, study and use Feng Shui principles to create better living and working environments for yourself and for others.

Come learn and study Feng Shui with Debra Yuille (formally Debra Jarvis), Australia’s leading Real World Feng Shui Practitioner. In her world class Feng Shui training Debra shares her experience and knowledge with those who want a better life for themselves and others. Study and learn Feng Shui by attending an intensive immersion training in the beautiful Northern NSW Rivers in an environment that supports you to be the very best version of yourself.

Feng Shui classes develop each participant’s intuitive and intellectual capabilities and reveal how the ancient science of Feng Shui is valid and relevant to them and their ultimate success. It arms those wise enough to study and learn Feng Shui to improve their lot in life and potentially help others to do the same.

Who Should Attend This Course?

Anyone in the Western World especially those in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, the United Sates and the United Kingdom who looks at their life and feels that there is something missing. That wants their life to be better.

Study and Learn Feng Shui to live a better life, build better relationships and enjoy greater balance, harmony and prosperity everyday. This world class Real World Feng Shui Practitioner Training will complement everything you have ever learnt.

You may have had or may have thought about a Feng Shui consultation for your home or business; consider coming to learn for yourself. You could be a franchise or a retailer looking to optimise the appeal of your store, an investor or renovator or a professional seeking to add balance and harmony to your skill-set.

You may have a complete library of every Feng Shui book ever written and read them all or you may never have read a Feng Shui book in your life; you may have tried to study Feng Shui, even attended other seminars and courses. What you will discover is these Feng Shui classes are easy to understand, you will learn that Feng Shui is simple to implement and you will enjoy effective results.

What will happen as a direct result of these attending these Real World Feng Shui Classes? Put simply, a better outcome for you, improved relationships, health, happiness, and prosperity. You will enjoy your living environment more. By enrolling to learn and study in Real World Feng Shui Classes, if you choose hang out your own shingle, you can even develop your own Feng Shui business.

Whatever your goal, be it to help others or simply make your own life better, you can.

About your trainer, Debra Yuille

Debra is Australia’s leading Real World Feng Shui practitioner, published author of “Good Feng Shui” and a sought-after consultant, conference speaker and trainer with clients both here and overseas. Debra is a leading and respected Queensland business woman. Her clients are many and varied, including teachers and health professionals – testimony that Classes are practical, real world and results orientated! She has applied Feng Shui principles in homes and business as diverse as Accountants, Auto Electricians even Weigh-bridges and Yachts.

Real World Feng Shui Class Topics:

Purpose and Action – healing people through their environments
Your values and maintaining your own energy
The Classic Configuration, Foundation Principles and Core Concepts
Energy – A place for everything and everything in its place
Feng Shui segments – Our homes mirror our life experiences; how to read the messages
Chi (energy) enhancers, What, Where, Why, When and How
The Garden, the Bedroom and the Home Office
Inner and Outer Bagua (segments)
Theory and application of Yin and Yang and the Five Elements
Trigrams, Hexagrams and the I Ching (your personal blueprint)
Earth Biology
Creating Sacred Space
Setting your goals and starting your business
The roles of self-esteem and self-belief

7 Compelling Reasons to attend Real World Feng Shui Classes:

Experience – A Feng Shui Practitioner since 1999, Debra is the first Southern Hemisphere graduate of the internationally recognised and acclaimed Western School of Feng Shui. Today Debra is Australia’s leading practitioner of Real World Feng Shui and internationally recognised, having run Feng Shui training as far afield as Europe.

Results Oriented – The program is easy to understand, delivered in plain English, demystified, practical. It is results oriented; outcomes based and entirely practical for today’s world.

Effectiveness – This program is extremely practical and highly relevant for the Modern westernised world. The concepts are explained in plain English, are easily understood, simple to apply and, once again, results oriented. It's a face-to-face intensive immersion experience.

Growth – Because of the inherent practicality of the content, this program easily enables you to incorporate Feng Shui into an existing business or career, or enables you to establish a new career direction if you choose to.

Support – Real World Feng Shui classes provide graduates with ongoing support and additional training and career opportunities for graduates.

Flexibility – The offering of “Increased Dollars, Improved Relationships, and a Happier Healthier Life” makes Feng Shui appealing at all levels.

Demand – The demand for Feng Shui is growing with over 2,000,000 Internet related searches per month world wide, and 100,000 per month in Australia.

The classes are a combination of study and “hands on” exercises and although designed to meet the time constraints of your busy schedule, it is intensive and does require concentration and commitment.

Locations are chosen to provide an environment that is uplifting and away from your day to day life. You get the most out of the training when you are physically removed from the place where you live.

You can choose from two Real World trainings in very different settings, Hobart, Tasmania 22nd to 27th October 2019 inclusive and Sydney, 26th to 31st March 2019 

The nature of the program means that spaces are limited to a maximum of just 4 people and we would love to have you.

Fees: $5500 (inc GST)

Earlybird Investment $4550

Sydney: Booked and paid in full by 5pm Friday 1st February Tasmania: Booked and paid in full by 5pm Friday 9th August 

On a limited budget, only want to use Feng Shui personally or just want to get started? A Foundations ticket allows you to attend the first 3 days only if places are available, $2800. 

Remember numbers are limited to 4 maximum so reserve your place by booking now. Preference will be given to those who apply and commit to the 6 day Real World Training.

Morning and afternoon tea, as well as light lunches provided.

Expressions of interest are invited via the contact form

*Flights,  Accommodation, Meals and Sightseeing not included except as noted above.

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