Feng Shui Your Office

Want to get your office in order in ways that are practical and easy to implement. It's the secret business edge, bringing ancient principles to the fore, placing you strategically in the position of power, minimising the negatives and maximising the positives.

Feng Shui is one of the eight branches of Chinese Medicine. Commonly known as the ancient art of placement, it’s actually a whole lot more and when applied correctly can be life changing.

Feng Shui may help improve your business prospects by attracting more customers who are well-heeled and ready to spend. A few simple changes can add $$$ to your bottom line.

This approach focuses on the natural and built environments, practised for thousand’s of years in China. It can be used in the design and layout of an office, home, building or other property.

It is important that your workplace presents a professional image, even if you are the only one who sees it. It is a reflection of your commitment to your occupation and your personal self-worth.

How you can turn your office into a powerhouse of success.

Designate this area as the office, not as an area for storage. When you go there you are going to do work. Is everything in this area relevant to the function and purpose of the office?

We work best in clean, organised, uncluttered areas. Move everything out of the area designated as the office, especially what’s stored in cupboards and on shelves. There is no place to hide from Feng Shui eyes!

Bring back in only those items that are relevant. Evaluate the other stuff. Do you love it; is it useful; if not, get rid of it (sell, dump or give it away).

A place for everything and everything in its place.

It is important that all items have a designated place to which they are returned after use. Put things used frequently in the most accessible spots. Time spent working is much more pleasant when we can easily locate and access items as and when they are required.

I once had a client who, when he went to mow the lawn, first had to find where the lawn mower had been left the last time it was used. There were five spots around the home it might be parked. All enthusiasm for cutting the grass evaporated by the time the mower was located.

Is this the same for you with the stapler or hole-punch? If other staff are always using them, invest in your own set. Not only will this save you time but it may also lead to better workplace relationships.

Setting up.

Place yourself in the power position. This is the position where you have a view of every entryway. Where you have a choice of places or direction, put your desk chair in each and sit quietly for a few minutes getting an idea of what it would be like to spend time there. The one that immediately feels right is your power position. (I’ve heard all the arguments about the desk taking up the whole room and about untidy computer cables. Use plants, screens and false fronts to camouflage.)

When you set yourself up in the power position, you have control in the space; your self-esteem goes up and you accomplish more. Try it for twenty-eight days and, if you don’t find any benefits (including increased business) then change it back.

Desk and chair combination must be ergonomic for you, the occupant. These are items worth spending money on. The desk should be at a comfortable height and large enough for you to organise yourself without feeling cramped. I recommend 1500x900mm. If the chair you have been provided with is less than optimal, I strongly encourage you to invest in your own chair, good quality, ergonomic and comfortable - to perform the tasks you perform while seated.

Clean and Clear Clutter.

Maintain a clear desk top. Paperwork is relentless in its onslaught. Deal with it immediately, using TRAF - Toss, Refer, Act or File. Creating a pile to deal with later creates clutter and we know by now that clutter is bad Feng Shui.

Remove Obstacles.

Make the area inviting to come in to. In Feng Shui, we consider that opportunity flows to us in direct proportion to the ease of entry and the welcome that is experienced in our workplaces.

Feng Shui tells us that everything is alive with memories, feelings and associations. What are the objects in your office saying to you? Question their origin. Did you come by it because that’s all you could afford or find at the time? Are you still in a good relationship with the person it came from? Would something else be more suitable?

Condition Audit.

Does everything work and is everything kept in optimal condition? In Feng Shui, it is very important that we either attend to the repair of items immediately or, where we are not prepared to do this, we discard them. An item that is less than ideal is said to begin negatively impacting after twenty-eight days.


Use natural light as much as possible. If you have fluorescent, use full-spectrum (daylight) bulbs.


Ideally every workstation should have one plant. Plants absorb potentially harmful gases and clean the air. Golden cane has been shown to be one of the more efficient plants at recycling our expelled air. Plants also make offices more pleasant spaces to spend time. When people feel good, they perform better.   It is important that the plants are well cared for and that they remain healthy and vibrant. No plant graveyards, please!

Water Features.

Water symbolises opportunity and abundance and is a wonderful Feng Shui enhancement. Ensure water is not stagnant, and if flowing, the fall is a full 360 degrees or flowing towards the centre of the occupied space. 

The enduring principles of Feng Shui that put you in the driver’s seat of your life are:

Welcome Opportunities - create a vantage point to tap into the unseen forces which attract opportunities.

Protection and Security - position your desk in the power position to create greater security and wellbeing.

Boundaries - have some, when we have physical boundaries, we also have boundaries with people and the standard of behavior that we will accept.

Firm Foundation - understand everything is Alive, Connected and Changing. Items are live with memories, feelings and associations. Connected to people, places and events. Changing, what once was new is old, and what was old is new again.

Implement the ancient principles of this powerful system to powerfully overhaul a home, office, creative or work space for more harmony, energy, health, prosperity and productivity. Learn how to create happier, more fulfilling relationships that give you a greater sense of connectedness and engagement.

You can take your business to a whole new level drawing from the ancient masters of this modality to help align your environment with dreams, goals & desires, while implementing the system to create practical every day magic.

Get your office in order, contact Debra on 0423 630 928
Professional Consultant servicing Australia and New Zealand. Travel to premises outside Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Northern Rivers will incur travelling fees.

Find out what Debra's clients are saying...

"George and I would like to thank you for your visit last week. Within one day of our meeting I had seven confirmations of work.

The energy has certainly lifted a notch or two and I am very excited about moving forward from here. We are making the suggested changes as we speak.

I look forward to keeping you informed of our progress. Again we thank you and would highly recommend you to all our business contacts."

Jennifer & George
Gardens by Jemma

"The results were simply, quite phenomenal. In a very short period of time with just a few adjustments and the clearing of the clutter (particularly in my office area) we had very positive results in our business. We expanded both internationally and locally and our turnover increased."
Kay Wichgers

Debra personally conducts all on-site visits, and we guarantee Results - "If you do not experience results within 28 days (you do have to do something) we will cheerfully refund your consultation investment."

Could your staff benefit from a Feng Shui seminar? Learn how to implement Feng Shui principles into your work environments to benefit your employees and increase your company profits.

Get your office in order, contact Debra on 0423 630 928
Professional Consultant servicing Australia and New Zealand. Travel to premises outside Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Northern Rivers will incur travelling fees.

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