Feng Shui Workshop

In this information packed, absorbing and interactive session uncover the Feng Shui secrets to improving your life.

Leave with 5 simple action steps you can implement immediately:

  1. Explore in detail and understand the Classic Configuration, Foundation Principles and Core Concepts. Find out what to do if yours are missing or incomplete.
  2. Clutter - Recognising what it is: How much do you really have and how to deal with it so it's no longer an impediment to you moving forwards in your life. Learn the 4R's of Clutter what they are and how to apply them so your home feels spacious and open for new opportunities. 
  3. Chi Enhancers: What are they, how and when to use them to improve your life and experience more health, wealth and happiness.
  4. Bedroom and Relationship Feng Shui: How does your home stack up, what is the environment saying and how you can change it to improve your relationship.
  5. Bagua – What it is and does it really work: How to apply it. (For this Topic- you will need to bring a scale bird’s eye floor plan of your home.)

Open Q & A Session

  • Chinese New Year 2019 is fast approaching on February 5th and we are entering the year of the Earth Boar. Make sure you have your home set-up to maximise the positive and minimise the effect of the negative energies.
  • Learn Feng Shui Secrets to Increase Your $$$$ and Improve Your Love Life. Feng Shui Your Home, Your Office, Your Apartment for More Harmony, Health, Wealth and Happiness....

$197 per parson
(includes morning and afternoon tea) BYO Lunch

To book; call Debra on 0423 630 928 or complete the form

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