2019 Year of the Golden Boar (Pig)

2019 Year of the Pig (Earth Boar) brings completion for it is the end of a twelve year cycle. This year is that of the Earth Boar and the elements of the year are Earth and Fire, corresponding to the colours of golden yellow and reds. It seems appropriate that Pantone® has picked Living Coral as their colour of the year in 2019 which is a combination of the two.

Of all the signs the Pig is the most likely to amass a fortune during it’s lifetime and the Pig enjoys living well. It’s quite happy to pay for quality in food, consumables and experiences. You’re unlikely to find the Pig hunting in the basement for a bargain, or looking for budget holiday options. They are much more likely to be found in the penthouse living it up in the Jacuzzi or at the front of the queue for the Helicopter sightseeing option. Hence you may have heard the expression, ‘living High on the Hog’.

The Pig is discerning and that’s something we should all be this year as pinching pennies could cost you dearly in the long run. This is not the year to gamble. Commit to do your homework and invest your money and time wisely. When seeking external advice, be sure that the person or persons with whom you are entrusting your future are worthy of your time, effort and money. 

Set some time aside on Saturday 26th January  for cleaning, dusting and sweeping ready for the year of the Golden Boar starting on the 5th February. It’s time to get rid of the old, the dust and the dirt before the following week when the first of the energy of the new year starts to move in. You don’t want to be sweeping out the gold with the dirt, which is what will happen if you don’t heed this advice and get on with it.

This year, 2019 the auspicious Wealth Star #8 flies into the centre, the Tai Chi (translated as Supreme Ultimate). Many Feng Shui Masters see this as extremely auspicious, and it is, if you are one of the few who have taken the time to develop themselves, who heed their inner wisdom, gut knowing and act decisively when opportunity presents itself. 

If however you are more accustomed to follow the herd and look outside of yourself for guidance you are more likely to find it an extremely testing and frustratingly difficult year. Do not accept what others say carte blanche or take everything at face value putting your trust outside of your self, especially do not follow self proclaimed gurus.

Instead take the time to seek out those who have compassion and the wisdom of experience from the school of hard knocks. Carefully evaluate everything you see and hear, seeking to sort fact from fiction so your actions are based on understanding and knowledge rather than wanting to belong and fear of missing out. You reap what you sow and your thoughts are the seeds you plant. 

The star of Heavenly Intervention flies to the East bringing unexpected good fortune. This is particularly beneficial to Rabbit and possibly also the Rabbit’s secret friend the Dog. Other signs can tap into this fortunate energy by placing a 6 rod metal wind-chime in the East. Ensure that the sound delights you.  Silver or white will work best.

In the West is the Lucky White Star somewhat hampered by the 3 Killings (see below). Activate with a Victory Flag for success in competitive situations especially those concerning commercial endeavours.

The #4 star moves to the North bringing fresh energy and change from the oppressive chi experienced here during last year. Clear out any and all dead wood and activate by means of a moving water feature to stimulate career, wisdom and love.

In 2019 the Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui) is in NW3 (between 322.5 and 337.5) closest to North which is also the sector that is the home of the Boar. (The Grand Duke/Tai Sui moves annually to the animal sign of the year and can be appeased with the Tai Sui Plaque or placing a Pi Yao in SE3 facing NW3.)  It’s best to avoid sitting facing this direction or sleeping with your head pointed this way as it will be likely to result in misfortune. Renovating, Digging and general Banging in NW3 will offend the Tai Sui so be prepared to live with this area as is for the next 12 months.

The three killings moves around to the West in 2019 so avoid sitting facing East, with your back to the West as that’s just inviting trouble in the form of ill health, injury and legal issues. Avoid stirring the energy in this sector by using the rooms situated here sparingly and minimise the adverse impact using the 3 Celestial Guardians.

In the SW is the home of Five Yellow for the next 12 months. Lock up the earth in a Five Element Pagoda and place it where it won’t be disturbed. Also avoid digging and renovating in the SW during 2019 otherwise extreme bad luck is likely to affect all members of the household.

Another area where digging is to be avoided is in the NE which is where the Illness Star takes up residence for the year. Once again it can be locked up, but this time do so by using a Wu Lou.  Position it carefully so it won’t be disturbed during the year and thus avoid bringing serious health afflictions into the home.

Place a pair of Red Fu Dogs or a pair of Red Apples in the South to keep the peace, avoiding arguments and litigation from the #3 Argumentative Star.

The Violent Star flies to the SE bringing loss to those who do not guard against it. Be it loss of money, possessions, power, good health or at it’s worst loss of life there is a remedy you can implement. I prefer the anti-burglary plaque or if you prefer use the protection of Kuan Kong ready to fight for you. 

An eight year in the 20 year cycle of eight is being promoted by some who should know better as a financially lucky year for many and it can be if you keep your wits about you. There are however far too many who will put their trust in the crowd and follow the masses over the edge of the perilous financial cliff.

Follow your gut, trust your intuition, proceed with caution and if it doesn’t stack up then don’t participate no matter how great the peer pressure is to jump on the bandwagon, get in on the good deal before it’s too late because as everyone one knows; what goes up must come down and sooner or later, if not this year then next (and my money is on late this year or early to mid 2020) it’s all going to come crashing down and the smart people, the cashed up ones who have put in the ground work and prepared for this moment will be the benefactors.

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