Green Horse Predictions

How to make the most of the energies of the Green, Wood, Horse...

Hope from the discussion below you and anyone else who takes the time to read it gain value. In many ways it depends what sign you are.

In general terms the Horse is a Fire element sign so as this it a Wood Horse year (that's where the Green comes from, mid shades of Green and Blue are said to be the Wood element). The Wood (Green) is said to 'feed' the Fire, i.e. help it to burn brightly which means a fast paced or Galloping year.

Fire is connected to emotion (Heart Energy) and Wood to Intuition (Gut Energy) For more on this suggest reading 'mBraining' using your multiple brains to do cool stuff. It's an extention of 'Heart Math' if you are familiar with that. mBraining is being touted as the missing link in goal setting, it explores having our multiple brains communicate with each other, heart, head and gut, and then evaluating any course of action (goal if you like) aligning them all to increase the likelihood of following through. And if they don't align, investigating why, looking at values and being discerning about ones that serve us and ones that don't and that provides information so we can choose to change (or not) those that are actually detrimential to our best interests.

Each of the 12 Chinese signs are year based rather than month based as in Western astrology, although there is a month aspect, day aspect, and even to the hour! There's also 20 year, 60 year and 180 year cycles and so it goes on. It's fasinating when you look back in time at the rise and fall of various Dynasties.

There are 5 different elements and each of the 12 animals will be a different element every 12 years making it a 60 year cycle. i.e. persons who are 60 or are born this year will be Wood Horses, persons born in 2002 and 1942 are Water Horses. If anyone is interested in what they are PM me and I'll reply, I need year, month and day because Chinese New Year is like Easter, it's based on Lunar cycles so changes from year to year.
The Wood (Green) Horse is said to be the most resonable of the Horses. So in Chinese Astrology Horses are said to be the fastest animals on Earth. Dragons are said to be the fastest animals in the sky, so Horses dominate on land.

Not a good year to impose your will on things, unless you are a Horse. The Wood Horse year will be easiest on those who throw out the old and welcome in the new because the Wood Horse is progressive, modern and unsentimental. It's also a good year for trying the unconventional, inventions and innovation.

The Wood aspect suggests that those who make the effort (and take the time) to discipline our minds will be most capable of clear and systematic thinking. (Rather an important quality for invention and innovation.)
It's also useful to be sociable and have a sunny disposition and to have interactive conversations, listening at least as much as we talk. Dominating tactics will not be tolerated and will have consequences. Friendly co-operation is the order of the day.

Make sure not to shirk responsibilities! (and be discerning about what you agree to take on) before you go out exploring and chasing BSO's Bright Shiny Objects. :)

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