Feng Shui and the Five Elements;

Impact of the 2019 Flying Stars 

In recent years in online forums, more and more attention is being paid to annual cures (and the selling of these to mitigate the ill effects of the afflicted stars) than the underlying effect of the elements (fire, earth, metal, water and wood) which seems to have been relegated and almost dismissed in importance.

This subject requires at least a rudimentary understanding of the elements, so if you need a refresher, take a look at our explanation of the 5 element cycles to give you a bit of background and some basic understanding.  I’ll also put together a video to make it clearer a little later in the month. 

In order to maximise the benefits of cures and enhancements, we must first ensure the foundation principles of Feng Shui are followed and this article seeks to provide some direction to those interested in this subject. It will be especially helpful to those looking for a starting point to prepare the canvas by getting the mix of the elements sorted first to make the most of the favourable stars and minimise the effects of those which are inclined to be harmful.

As always cleaning and clearing must take place in the days prior to the New Year. Personally I’ve scheduled the 26th January for deep and through cleaning, with a quick tidy up to ensure it’s all still pristine on the 31st. Aside from dealing with any major spills and upsets nothing much else will happen in te cleaning department till after the 19th February ensuring we get rid of the dirt and dust of the old year and are open and receptive to the new opportunities and energy of the Boar/Pig year. I’ll be getting the furnishings moved around, mats, pictures, bedding, towels, decorating accessories while in the process of cleaning and preparing between now and January 31st, placing specific cures in place on February 4th ready for the start of the new year on February 5th.

Auspicious Stars:

#1 White Water Star

Starting with #1 the White Water star which moves into the West in 2019, this is a favourable move. Metal is the element that resides in the West and is the nurturing element to Water.  Metal and Water are the two elements we want to maximise here this year.  In doing so we want to be very careful not to cause any disturbance to the earth as the 3 Killings is also located here in 2019. It’s important you also ensure you minimise both the Fire and Wood elements.

#4 Green Tree Star

The #4 star is widely known as the Peach Blossom star, overseeing the areas of love and wisdom. It moves into the North sector this year which is an exceptionally favourable move. The Peach Blossom represents Wood and the native element of the North is Water which nurtures Wood. As much as possible avoid any items representing the element of Earth in the North in 2019. The element of Fire is also to be avoided in this sector and to a lesser extent Metal.

#6 White Metal Star

Mentor luck is the domain of the #6 star, which flies to the East in 2019. This lucky star is responsible for windfalls, lucky co-incidences and heavenly intervention to activate positive synchronicities especially in the areas of finance and authority. It’s a Metal star flying into a sector that favours Wood so it needs enhancing to maximise the benefits available. This is a year when the element of Earth in the East is highly desirable, Earth strengthens Metal without strong adverse impact on the Wood element.  You could consider introducing Metal in the form of a 6 rod wind chime with a sound that pleases you as a highly desirable enhancement. I’d suggest you avoid introducing any other additional Metal. Minimise any Water that may have been introduced in other years to strengthen the Wood and also avoid any Fire element in this area in 2019.

#8 Golden Soil Star

The #8 star occupies the Tai Chi (the centre position) and we are also in a 20 year period of 8 (2004 – 2024). It carries the energy of Earth, moving into the sector of grounding, that forms the foundation for the year.  It can be further enhanced with the energy of the element of Fire who’s ashes become one with the Earth. The shape of 8 is that of the infinity symbol and this is often considered to be the most auspicious of all the stars in enhancing wealth. Wealth is Knowledge and Wisdom, often we can learn much from the energy of the auspicious #8 star, true wealth comes from wisdom, not from financial means which can be fleeting. Wisdom, once gained cannot be taken away. Avoid Wood and Water in this sector in 2019.

#9 Purple Fire Star

Increases in future Prosperity multiplied is the realm of the #9 Fire star which takes up occupation the North-West. The Fire energy of the #9 star clashes with the Metal energy of the North-West sector so use Wood to bridge between the two, supporting the #9 star and drawing off some of the cutting energy of the residing element of Metal. Avoid Earth and Water which both weaken Fire. The Grand Duke takes up residence in NW3 and the 3 Killing spills into NW1 and NW2 so it’s very important not to disturb the Earth in the North-West sector in 2019 under any circumstances as there could be dire consequences.

Inauspicious Stars:

#2 Black Soil Star

The #2 Illness star takes up residence in the North-East sector. Consider installing a Salt Water cure. Avoid both the Fire and Earth elements and be sure not to disturb the actual ground (earth) in this sector in 2019. The element of Metal is beneficial as is some Wood and Water.

#3 Bright Green Tree

Argumentative Star #3 which is about communication misunderstandings and can lead to legal battles takes up occupation in the South which is traditionally the home of Fire. This is great news because the energy of Fire weakness the power of the Wood #3. Metal is also advisable in the South in 2019 but avoid both elements of Wood and Water here as much as practicable. Avoid noise and all forms of renovation.

#5 Yellow Soil Star

The Five Yellow moves into the South-West so avoid using rooms located here this year. Best to lock up the Earth with a Five Element Pagoda. As Earth is the native element in this sector the Five Yellow is especially strong. Use Metal to weaken. Reduce or remove representations of the elements of Fire and Earth. You could also deploy a Salt Water cure in the South-West with good effects.

#7 Red Metal Star

In the South-East, the Burglary Star #7 Metal takes up residence. The good news is it’s weakened due to the native Wood element of the sector. Strengthen the element of Water to support the Wood and rust the Metal.  Wood is another element that's a useful enhancement to bring into this sector.

So that’s a brief overview of the Feng Shui Five Element Analysis for 2019. If you would like to get in touch or have a specific question, please use the contact form.

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